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We provide Well Woman visits for labs and testing, Nutritional Consultations, Fertility Counseling, and Homebirth services. Located at Indy Center for Family Wellness, Sol Midwifery Services is partnered with Dr. Kristin Huber, DC of Indy Kids Chiropractic. 

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Our practice just recently had our annual client picnic. It is a time when families can come together, meet others with many of the same lifestyle ideas, build lasting friendships and a community… for many, this builds the base of their tribe. This year was no different than any other in that somewhere there is always a group sharing their birth experiences with each other. It’s standard to have a lot of laughter, support, encouragements and validations generously shared.
When we then soon attend a birth where a mother has been working long and hard to bring her baby earthside, and when she moves into a position that we suggested and asks if this was “the same position that *so & so* tried and was talking about when she had her baby with you and can I also try the pull-y thing (tug-of-war) that *so & so* did too? And maybe my water can break and make a mess all over you like hers did too!” Our response is one of joy! THIS.
This! This is the reason for these annual events. This is part of community. This is part of normalizing birth. Talking to each other, sitting next to each other, sharing, positively impacting and supporting each other! Personally knowing other women who have gone through the same process, knowing they had to work hard too but that it can be done. Normalizing birth! We love and are so thankful for the power of community, and our tribe