Insurance Information

Please fill out the form as described below only if you are a current client or prospective client that has already had a consultation with Sol Midwifery Services.

While Sol Midwifery does accept insurance, we do not bill insurance the usual way your doctor’s office would. We collect the full fee of our services by 36 weeks gestation, and then bill your insurance after the birth. Depending on your deductible, you may or may not get a reimbursement.

Please note: Sol Midwifery Services does NOT accept Medicaid

Step one

Go to the website

Step two

Hover your mouse over “Midwife Clients” and on the drop down, select “Midwife Client Insurance Information”.

step three

Your page should look like this…

step four

Under the dropdown called “Send to Account Manager”, select Gabby.

Fill out all required fields and upload a copy of your insurance card.

Once submitted, the biller will contact Marisol and she will go over the details with you.